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The Essentials of Life Coaching

Behind every successful man or woman is... a coach? While CEOs call the shots that keep the company afloat, executive coaches work to keep the CEOs themselves in seafaring shape. Overstressed managers are increasingly turning to coaches to avoid burnout and maximize their chances of success. People may hire an executive coach for a variety of reasons, including finding a job that fits them well, clarifying and accomplishing professional goals, and navigating difficult career transitions. Coaches can also be useful to individuals at all stages of their career, from those seeking their first real job to seasoned professionals looking for a change or better work-life balance. Although investment in a coach may pay off, proceed with caution: Credentials vary widely. Clinical psychologists with doctorates offer coaching services, but so do individuals with little or no formal training. This is a relatively new and unregulated industry.

Could You Benefit From a Life or Career Coach?


Not every professional has his or her dream job, but everyone deserves respect and fair compensation. Otherwise, he or she may start to feel disgruntled, bored, or even burned out. Of course, a coach can help dissatisfied individuals identify what they need from their career and kickstart a change toward success and achievement. Young professionals just starting out, for example, might consider consulting a coach and save themselves bouncing from field to field and job to job before they find the work that works for them.

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