Great read. Rituals provide a sense of commitment and or mastery, consistency, and community. When friends of mine would notice me praying and fasting during Ramadan they found it difficult to understand why I willingly did this. And although the past 3 years had been a confusing and polarizing time in the world, what hasn't changed for my fiends was my fasting and prayers. My dedication for praying and fasting remained steadfast undeterred by things around me
that I had no control over. Through fasting and praying I had control and meaning. The fasting and prayer grounded me in remembering those less forntunate than me, appreciating what I had in my life, keeping my word and focus on being a better person. Trauma and grief can alter our sense of meaning leading many to feel powerless. Rituals can be a tangible, emotional, spiritual means to remain in control and create new meaning through transitory times in our life.